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*B Helmstead Minis EX Caliber *S

December 23, 2018

black and white

Jerry's sire and dam.  Sire photo courtesy Sinai Thunder Nigerians.

*B Helmstead Minis EX Caliber *S *B Sinai Thunder O Exodus *S +VV84 +*B Cedar View Olivero +*S VEV88
SG Little Tots Estate Syeira  4*M EEEE91
CHW DF Lucretia MacEvil 2*M/2*D/2*DD GCH PGCH CHW Douglas Fairbanks
Pride of Texas Morning Star 1*M/*D/*DD GCH

When we decided that, yes, we would be able to bring our goats home - a new home here in Florida - from Jill's at Sinai Thunder, we also decided to get a head start on breeding and asked Jill to breed them all to our buck she was also boarding.  Then, she would be able to rehome Throne up there, saving him a trip, and we would have instant babies after a long break!  Jill, already the most gracious person you'll ever meet, offered to breed Lucy to a different buck - our choice.  WOW!  Deciding was agony but we finally landed on Exodus.

Lucy became HUGE over the next few months and delivered QUINTS!  Three bucks and two does.  We retained one of each since she was so generous.

Jerry as we call him is maturing to be very similar to his dad, as you can see above.  He is almost feminine, lightly framed and extraordinarily dairy.  He also possesses a wonderfully playful and sweet temperament.  I'm sure in a couple years, he will mature completely and fill out to be quite substantial as both bloodlines tend to offer some serious masculinity. 

His first litter was out of Sizzle...and intentional attempt to give her a little more dairy character!  Sizzle is a brick house doe.  It would seem Jerry's genetics are strong as 3/4 of the litter are built just like him!


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