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Helmstead Minis AG Maiko

July 14th, 2019

buckskin with extensive white

Maiko as a junior kid.

Maiko's First Freshening Udder.

Maiko's sire and dam

Helmstead Minis AG Maiko *B Buttin'Heads Auspicatin'Geishi +B Buttin'Heads Martinique
GCH Buttin'Heads Japanese Washi 3*M
Helmstead Minis F Foolin W Fire 1*M/*D/*DD GCH +B MCH/GCH/PGCH Kids Corral LL Fire Flame +S/+DS VG
Gypsy Moon Witchcraft 2x GCH

I just couldn't let this pretty baby go to another home when she was born. 

Maiko hails from our Witchcraft line which, over the years, has been both full of proven performers and close to our hearts.  Witchy was a doe who had to get to know you and could be a real pill.  FooFoo was the daughter of Witchy and our cornerstone buck, Fire Flame...and she was a DOLL - to people - and a pill to the other does.  She held status as one of the barn favorites for personality until the day she left this earth.  Not only was she a performer in the ring and the pail but she just adored people.  Maiko...well...this young girl is continuing the family line with the attitude of an angel and looks to kill!

You may note we also retained her litter brother, Foo Man Chu.

Maiko is a very refined, sharp young doe, much like her dam's line (and perhaps her sire's as he himself is fairly feminine).  She is covered in thin, pliable skin.

Maiko has freshened for the first time with an outstanding first freshening udder!  I couldn't wait to see it as it is the first udder I get to see in person by her sire.  I've owned him since birth but had leased him out to a small farm for his formative years.  Those first kids seem to have disappeared in rural Indiana, sadly. 

Maiko did not disappoint!  Her udder is attached well with lovely laterals and a large general area of attachment - no wiggle.  She has lovely extension of her rear udder, adequate teat placement and division of the halves (this tends to improve on the dam line with consecutive freshenings).  Her fore udder is smooth and free of any pocket.  She did just freshen with a single kid but her capacity is generous.  Milking to keep her even with her singleton, I can report that while her teat size could use some improvement (wouldn't even mention it if I had the machines running), her texture is so butter soft and skin is so thin and dairy that she is quite easy to milk.


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February 10, 2021 1/0 *B HM EX Caliber *S HM EC Oh My My


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