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Disclaimer : I am not a vet. Although I may suggest medications, dosages, and treatments for animals, you should always have a vet, use a vet, and consult a vet.

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Medication/Remedy List With Dosages

 I will attempt to compile this and keep it up to date.  This post will be added to and changed along the way as the best course of medications and dosages change.  So you might want to revisit this post.

   *Note*  These are medications that I have personal knowledge of.  I will not list every medication or remedy that you might be able to think of, or give all the particulars.  This is "the basics".

     When dealing with known high worm loads, dewormers should always be used every 10 days, 4 times, to kill all stages of hatch.  ALWAYS fecal to make sure your program is working!

   Ivermectin Injectable or pour-on
   1cc/22lbs (orally)          *can be dosed at up to 1 cc per 10 lbs for stubborn cases*
   will kill all worms except for tape worms, moderate effect on barber pole worm, effective lice & mange control

   Valbazen (oral suspension)
   1cc/10lbs THREE days in a row (orally)
   Is effective against tape worms.
   *use with ivermectin. (because Valbazen is no longer effective against stomach worms)  *some parts of the country are now seeing this drug work against stomach worms*

   1cc/10lbs THREE days in a row (orally)     *can be used 5 days in a row in conjunction with dimethox to control COCCI - effective antiprotozoal*
   Not effective in the US or most of the civilized world (against stomach worms)

   Ivermectin plus
   1 cc per 20 lbs (orally) DO NOT USE ON PREGNANT DOES

Moxidectin (Cydectin cattle/Quest/Quest Plus)
    1 cc per 20 lbs orally (cydectin) *Quest gel (equine product) is FOUR TIMES the strength of Cydectin, so is dosed at 1/4 cc per 20 lbs.  When using Quest Plus you are seriously overdosing the flukicide but we've found no adverse effects when doing this.  The plus, for some reason, WILL KILL the new resistant strains of HC.  
*treats barber pole very effectively* 


   Lice and fly control

   CyLence (Pour on)
   1cc/25lbs repeat @ 3 wks (lice dosage)
   Pen G
   1cc/15lbs 2x/day (SQ)
   This is used on kids 6 mos old and younger.   
   You want to use a 18ga needle. 
*we no longer use Pen G, it's not working for us*

   Biomycin (200) oxytetracycline
   3cc/100lbs 1x/day (SQ).  Used for reproductive infections and pink eye.  Can be squirted right into an effected eye.

   Nuflor RX only
1cc/17lbs 1x/every 4 days (SQ)
   Use on kids with pneumonia                 
   Also use on mastitis

*burns like mad.  And very thick.  Use a 18ga needle.*

   Di-Methox (40%)
   1cc/5lbs 1st day
   1cc/10lbs next 4 days (orally)
   Cocci and Cocci prevention, mild upper respiratory.  Combine with fenbendazole for cocci treatment.

   Corid (liquid 9.6%) undiluted
   2.5cc/10lbs for 5 days (orally)
   Cocci and Cocci prevention
*we no longer use CoRid*

 Polyflex (Ampicillin)
   1cc/40lbs 1x/day for 5 days (SQ)
   staph dermatitis, kids with URI

Draxxin (vet Rx)

1 cc per 100 lbs every 5 days, sq for upper respiratory and mycoplasma                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Zactran (vet Rx)

1 cc per 55 lbs every 10 days, sq for upper respiratory caused by mycoplasma

Baytril 100 (vet Rx)

4 cc per 100 lbs for 5 days, this is the BEST antibiotic on the market - top tier - and should ONLY be used if nothing else has.  Very effective against pneumonia, mycoplasma, etc.


   Warm soapy enema (rectally)
     I use dish soap and just make the solution slick to the touch. 
   Use a 3cc luer slip for the little fellows, put it in their butt, hold butt closed                         
   for about 15-30 secs after removing the luer slip.  Repeat this until you are not getting poo. (3-4x/day)

   Baking soda (orally)
   This is given orally.  1tsp for miniature breeds, 1tbs for standard breeds.  (3-4x/ day)
   The idea here is to put the baking soda in a bowl and add a little water, you want to draw the soda into
   a luer slip with as little amount of water as possible and still be able to push it out of the luer slip. 
   For Bloat and floppy kid syndrome

   Vegetable oil (orally)
   3cc baby (miniature), 6cc adult (miniature), 3-6cc baby (standard), 12cc adult (standard)
   Again dose orally 3-4x/day
   For Bloat


Red Cell (orally)

For anemia - 1cc/17lbs or 6cc/100lbs

   Vet Rx
   For ear mites - 3 drops/ear/day
   For sniffles - 2 drop in nose/day


   Copper And BoSe

  -Copasure Cattle Bolus (this is copper) - 1gram rods/22lbs or 1cc/60lbs (orally)

  -BoSe - .25cc/ mini newborn, .5cc/standard newborn, or 1cc/40lbs @2months or older (SQ)


   CD&T - 2cc/goat repeat in 3 weeks   Babies get this @ 3wks old and 6wks old.(SQ or IM) (SQ can leave a "vaccine lump")

   Pasterella (pneumonia) - 2cc/goat repeat in 3 weeks  If babies are vaccinated under 3 months of age then give the booster @ 4 months of age (If you vaccinate with CD&T @ 3wks old wait at least 1wk for this vaccination)

M. Bovis (mycoplasma) 2 cc/goat repeat in 3 weeks.  Repeat at 6 months.  Repeat again in 6 months.  Yearly thereafter.  DO NOT vaccinate kids under 45 days old.  *can cause injection site abscess*

  This list is constantly changing.

Disbudding Your Babies

 This topic seems to be a very controversial subject, yet many don't know how to do it and end up not doing it or they have scurs that might as well be horns.  I was taught by a gentleman in the SE United States who was taught by one of the best, if not the best disbudder in the United States (my opinion of course, but then again it is my blog).  Many use the same method I do, and many think that it is a horrible method.  If you are one that thinks it is a horrible method just email me and I would be glad to send you pictures of what is truly horrible. I would be referring to a buck that I bought that HAD scur-horns, that myself and two others put in a stanchion, held down, and hacked said scur-horns off.  Very nasty, and unnecessary when disbudding is done right.

  We are not talking about a nice copper ring here.  That is exactly how the previously mentioned buck and many other goats I have seen over the years end up with scur-horns.  Now don't get me wrong, you are going to have the occasional scur, but never a scur-horn.  Typically when I do have a scur it is what I call a "thumbnail" scur, small, thin, and comes right off with a little twist by fingers or pliers.
   What we are talking about is burning right down to the skull and removing the hide inside of the burned ring.  This is done much easier than one would think.  There are a few things you will need to do the job, so I will make a list and then I will be posting a video to show exactly how I do it...
   Age: 1-10 days old.  I judge each baby individually and as soon as I can feel the horn bud really well I disbud.  Bucklings are usually ready much sooner than the doelings.  





  -Disbudding iron (Rhinehart X50 or the X30)  Small Tip 1/2" (not the Pygmy tip)
  -Disbudding Box
  -Gloves, leather & thick
  -Pocket knife or something similar (to remove bud caps) *I use the disbudding iron to remove caps (Kate)*
  -Wound Kote

   Tools Video



   Disbudding Video "Figure 8" (Buckling)


   I will be posting a video of a doeling being disbudded very soon...

   Here is the doeling being disbudded....