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*B Buttin'Heads Auspiciatin Geshi

June 21, 2016

broken buckskin



Guy's sire and dam, all photos courtesy Buttin'Heads.

*B Buttin'Heads Auspiciatin Geshi Buttin'Heads Martinique Buttin'Heads Mendleson's March
SGCH Buttin'Heads Shapinsay 1*M
GCH Buttin'Heads Japanese Washi 3*M *B Buttin'Heads Panpipes
GCH Buttin'Heads Paperclip 2*M

I placed a reservation on this Washi breeding to bring back some bloodlines we've had in the past that served us well - but I didn't keep the bucks long enough to SEE what they'd done - and kicked myself later.  Both of the bucks in question were, frankly, a little ugly...and we were a very active showing herd at the time.  They didn't perform well in the ring.  Also both bucks were very lopsided when it came to producing doe kids - as in they barely produced ANY doe kids.  So the decision at the time they were sold felt like a sound one.  As it would happen, the bloodlines used and found at the Buttin'Heads herd outcrossed very well with several of the bloodlines we have.  I had spent some years trying many different outcrosses...but when I sat down and thought about some udder fixes I wanted to make, I came back to remembering doe kids sired by Epiphus and Chamaeleon.

That in mind, I searched the Buttin'Heads website for does and bucks that were similarly bred, placed a reservation and went on with life.  At the time that my reservation was placed and by the time Guy was born...Washi hadn't done a whole lot.  Well...it was that freshening that the doe lifted off!  Washi has proven to be quite the asset to the Buttin'Heads herd, performing consistently across all venues and especially well at consecutive ADGA National shows.  To say I am honored to have a son (she has been especially stingy with daughters) is an understatement.

Between the knowledge of what the bloodlines can do on their own AND the knowledge of how they work within my own herd, I very much look forward to Guy's offspring here.  Unlike his predecessors of the same herd name, Guy is NOT ugly at all and has produced a fair number of doe kids.  At the time that my reservation was filled by Guy, I was simultaneously having a massive herd reduction (a going out of business sale, really).  Guy was purchased anyway but only because I was able to find a friend's farm to lease him to until I was...if I was ever...ready to use him.  His first kid crop there was nice.  It was wonderful to get to see a little produce before we got him "home".  Quite a journey for him to be sure!

So far Guy has produced three litters here.  All have more or less looked exactly like we would expect from the dam line.  So if anything, Guy isn't hurting anything.  Always a plus!  Only time will tell if his mammary genetics come forward...and we certainly hope so!  In the past, these similar bloodlines have really had a positive impact on rear udders and teats.


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