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Family Trees

P = Polled; BE = Blue Eyes; MS = Moonspots

"The Kirby Line"

Kirby 1*M/*D/*DD (deceased)

Dam of: 2 GCH daughters; 3 AR*D/*M daughters, 1 RCH son (12/12)

Granddam of:  1 GCH granddaughter, 2 star granddaughters

Pigeon 2*M/2*D/2*DD

Dam of:  1 GCH daughter

Phoebe 3*D/3*DD

Wings 1*M/4*D/4*DD P deceased

Dove 3*M/3*D/3*DD

Lil Birdie

Glamorous 2*D/2*DD (sold)

Ambitious 3*D/3*DD

Bebot 2*D/2*DD



Elaphunk BE

Shatase (deceased)

Dam of: One MCH/CH daughter

Maid of Honor  
War Emblem

AR Piccolo 4*D/1*M

Honey Boo Boo MS


Honey Be

Merry Mary 2*M/2*D/*DD

Pretty Maid


Morning Star 1*M/*D/*DD

Dam of: GCH doe, Star Doe


Lucy 2*M/2*D/2*DD



Mornin' Mist


Florence Nightengale 5*M/5*D

Future Gold



Cinder 1*M/*D/*DD



Black Velvet

Dam of:  1 RCH daughter, 1 son with LA 'E'

Kindle *D/*DD


Ilikeithot (sold)


"The Italians"

Bella BE 1*M/*D/*DD

Dam of:  2 GCH daughters, 2 GCH sons, 1 RCH son (12/12)

Farfalla BE  2*M/2*D/2*DD

Mali Boo BE
Esta Viva
Buon Natale

Fiamma 2*M/2*D/2*DD

Mamma Mia

Godiva (sold)

Dam of:  1 GCH daughter

Nocturn (sold)

Tempest (sold)


Cocoa (sold)

Baby *D/*DD



Aspen MS (deceased)

Dam of:  1 RCH daughter, 1 GCH son

Sizzle 1*M/*D/*DD


Witchcraft MS

Dam of: 1 GCH daughter, 1 RCH daughter, 1 GCH son

Foolin' 1*M/*D/*DD

"The Kelly Line"

Princess 1*M/*D/*DD

Dam of:  1 GCH daughter

Jewel 2*M/2*D


Wolfgang P (sold)

Checkers P 1*M/*D/*DD



Moxie P

Snips BE 1*M/*D/*DD

Dam of:  2 GCH daughters, 1 All American daughter, 1 GCH son

Sky BE 2*M/2*D/2*DD

Blue Cadet BE
Andromeada BE

Corpus Christi



Susie *D/*DD P (sold)

Dam of:  1 GCH daughter, 1 GCH son

Barbie Q 2*D/2*DD

"The Volcanoes"

Lava BE (deceased)

Dam of:  1 GCH daugher

Granddam of:  1 RCH doe

Tambora 1*M/*D/*DD BE

Dam of:  1 RCH daughter

Mauna Kea BE





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