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Updated 11/6/2016

Herd Dispersal Announcement

After much thought and discussion, my husband and I have decided to gradually shut down our goat operation and disperse the herd. This has not been an easy decision to come to but is the right one for our family during this season of our lives. There is so much we want to do and while the goats have afforded us many opportunities in the decade we’ve had them – today they tie us down. We can say, "we did that!" We’ve shown and won, we’ve milk tested and beat records…we’ve learned so much and helped so many. We’ve made good friends, we’ve met some characters…it has been quite a journey.

This herd dispersal will not be fun emotionally. Many of these animals are the result of careful, selective breeding decisions we’ve made over many years, the culmination of blood, sweat and tears as well as hopes and dreams. We do ask that you be respectful as the herd is pieced apart…and understanding of the difficulty we are having in letting go.

Because we cannot see a life completely devoid of these wonderful creatures and the simple fact that they do make us happy, there will be a little handful of does that our daughter will be keeping. She is quite attached, as well, and has shown interest in continuing at a very small scale which she can manage herself with guidance from us.

As for the rest, the herd dispersal will proceed as follows. All senior bucks are immediately available for sale. We will be pulling all the does out of the breeding pens right away. This week, we will begin ultrasounding for pregnancy on all does. Open does that are not part of our daughter’s list will be immediately offered for sale. Junior does not on our daughter’s list will be immediately offered for sale. Some does more recently exposed to bucks will have to wait 40 days or so for ultrasounding and will be listed accordingly. Bred does will kid here, their kids evaluated and listed, and then the does will also be sold.

OUR 2017 SPRING KIDDINGS WILL HAPPEN AT HMG. In other words, no bred does will be sold. We want to enjoy our last kidding season and crop as much as we can.

Please remember, this is a herd dispersal of high quality animals – not a fire sale. We don’t expect all the goats to be gone tomorrow and, while the end goal is a herd dispersal, we will still carefully select homes for them. Special considerations will be made for returning customers who we know will take the best possible care of our goats and for those herds who show and take part in DHI.

After our final kidding season, all large scale equipment (primarily milking machines and pen panels) will be offered for sale.


**If you have a HMG goat and have show results to announce, please email them to me with a photo!**

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