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CHW DF Lucretia MacEvil 2*M/2*D/2*DD VG

October 22, 2010

red gold

Grand Champion Doe

CHW DF Lucretia MacEvil PGCH CHW CJS Douglas Fairbanks 2010 National Grand Champion Buck BHW BW Capt. Jack Sparrow 1xGCH ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch ++*S
CHW AR Once In A Blue Moon, 2x GCH Dry, 1x RsCH
Goodwood KW Clara Bow Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S
MCH Goodwood Calliope
Pride of Texas Morning Star 2xGCH Goodwood KW Woody Allen *S Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S
Goodwood Too Much *D
Pecan Hollow Morning Dove Rosasharn Tom's Bit-a-Willy
MCH Twin Creeks WB Meadowlark 3*D
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I LOVE this doe!  She'd sat in the back of my mind for her first two freshenings mainly because I was mad at her for the two sets of triplet bucks.  In 2014, she presented us with quads...and I really took a look!

Structurally this doe is just what I like to see - she looks like a small version of a standard dairy goat.  Perfect wedge, great depth and flat bone.

Her udder is high and tight, with a very strong MSL and large, milkable teats.  She milks out easily and produces 4+ lbs a day.  She starred easily!  She also maintains high butterfat and protein.

Lucy's Kidding History






5/28/2012 0/3 Buttin'Heads Chamaeleon 1xRCH HM BL Lucky, Livenitup & Hammer
1/28/2013 0/3 *B Helmstead Minis FF Will I Am *S/*DS 2xRCH *B HM WIA Pied Piper, Patrick & Gold Rush *S/*DS
2/2/2014 2/2 Helmstead Minis F Hannah's Opus HM HO LuckBALady, On Cloud 9, Night Watch & Westeros
1/6/2016 2/1 Dragonfly HLJ Remington *S HM REM Epiphany, Bethlehem & Balthazar *S
DHI History
Age DIM Milk Lbs. BF Lbs. % BF Pro. Lbs. % Pro. Height Notes
3 62 4.0   6.4   4.3 21" ODT
3 180 3.6   6.0   4.0 21" ODT
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