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Helmstead Minis Flame's Phoebe 3*D/3*DD

February 28, 2011

buckskin with white

Grand Champion Jr. Doe

Photos (left) 2 mos (right) 3 months old.

Helmstead Minis Flame's Phoebe MCH Kids Corral LL Fire Flame VG MCH Twin Creeks WB Firestorm MCH Goodwood Weisbaden 'E'
MCH Twin Creeks BH Mariri's Zinnia 4*D 'E'
Rosasharn Tom's Legacy Lily ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb *S 'E'
ARMCH Goodwood Water Lily 2*D AR 1599
Helmstead Minis RS Pigeon 1xGCH 1xRCH CHW Baywatch's Rider on the Storm VG 2x1st ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch *S E
Lost Pines Thumbelina 1xGCH
Little Tots Estate Kirby 1xRCH CH Buttin'Heads Red Branch Legend *S
Little Tots Estate Platycodon
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Phoebe is out of our lovely doe Pigeon and has been a little gem since the day she was born.  She immediately showed excellent width throughout and still retained that wonderful dairy character.  I love her level rump & rear angulation! 

Pheebs is a wonderful doe to be around.  She enjoys being milked and is a very easy, willing milker.  She loves goat kids and will happily adopt any 'strays' =).  Her texture is butter soft, orifices nice and open.  I'd like to pull her teat placement back a little but it is a big improvement on her dam's placement.


Phoebe's Kidding History






August 7, 2012 1/0 Rosasharn BB Kentucky Warbler *B HM KW Nip Tuck
April 5, 2013 1/1 Kids Corral SEQ Anchor Man HM AM I Love Lamp & Wings
March 28. 2014 2/0 *B Valor *S HM V Tinie Tempah & Tipsy  
January 14, 2016 0/1 *B Helmstead Minis GB 21 Gun *S/*DS HM 21 Oops *S/*DS


Show Results
3rd Place Get of Sire, 4th Place Three Best Juniors @ AGS Nationals

1 x 8th @ AGS Nationals!

1 x GCH

1 x RCH

2 x 1st @ 2 months old!

2 x 5th
DHI History
Age DIM Milk Lbs. BF Lbs. % BF Pro. Lbs. % Pro. Height Notes
3 8 2.9   6.2   3.9 20.5" ODT


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