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Goats for Sale

Goats for Sale

Updated 6/2/2021

Please read our Sales Policy before purchasing. Our current CAE (etc) testing can be viewed here (will redirect you to Facebook).

Does for Sale


Helmstead Minis CT Kirigami


light buckskin & white, frosting

*B Helmstead Minis T Cortado *S x Helmstead Minis AG Origami


sale pending



Helmstead Minis CT Sand Piper


tan, frosting, slight badger face

*B Helmstead Minis T Cortado *S x Helmstead Minis T Chickadee


sale pending



Bucks for Sale

*Many of our buck kids can be purchased unregistered for half of the registered price & their papers may be bought at a later date.*


*B Buttin'Heads Auspicatin'Geishi


buckskin and white

*B Buttin'Heads Martinique x GCH Buttin'Heads Japanese Washi 3*M


sale pending

Guy has bred himself out of work here and can't fill enough cards to pay his rent.  He does have a chronic cough, we believe from pneumonia as a kid (he was out on least until 2018), however it does not affect his overall health or performance.  Very dairy and we have retained heavily from his offspring!  Daughters are outstanding!  Guy is sweet and easy to handle.  Gets along with bucks and does fine. 

Special Consideration to Return Customers and Show/DHI Farms!


Wethers for Sale

*We are very picky about which boys get to become breeding stock!*



Helmstead Minis FMC Novel V


black and white

*B Helmstead Minis AG Foo Man Chu *S x Helmstead Minis T Ciao Bella


sale pending



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