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Goats for Sale

Goats for Sale

Updated 1/14/2020

Please read our Sales Policy before purchasing. Our current CAE (etc) testing can be viewed here (will redirect you to Facebook).

**Please note - we are now DAM RAISING our kids for our better enjoyment of this smaller, hobby-sized herd.**

Buck kids will wean and be ready to leave at 8-12 weeks of age.  Doe kids will be ready to leave when I deem them mature enough -  12+ weeks of age.

Does for Sale

More does are due soon and reservations are open on all breedings!  Make sure to visit the Kidding Schedule to see what's coming up!


Helmstead Minis AG Shifu


black and tan buckskin, star

*B Buttin'Heads Auspiciatin Geshi x Helmstead Minis ILIH Reignited





Helmstead Minis AG Ukiyo E



*B Buttin'Heads Auspiciatin Geshi x Helmstead Minis ILIH Reignited





Bucks for Sale

*Many of our buck kids can be purchased unregistered for half of the registered price & their papers may be bought at a later date.*


*B Helmstead Minis D Salute *S


brown-gold and white

*B Sinai Thunder O Dauntless *S VEE88 x AR Helmstead Minis GB MaidAtArms 2*M/2*D VVEE88 VG 89.4




*B Helmstead Minis AG Solstizio


light buckskin, star & frosting; blue eyes

*B Buttin'Heads Auspiciatin Geshi x Helmstead Minis P Farfalla 2*M/2*D/2*DD GCH Top Ten



Wethers for Sale

None available at this time.

AGS registerable

all wethers are $100.00


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