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*B Helmstead Minis MEL Snip's Dipper *S

October 16, 2018



Dipper's sire and dam.  Sire photo courtesy Sinai Thunder Nigerians.

Melchezidek's litter sister's first fresh udder, courtesy Sinai Thunder.


*B Helmstead Minis MEL Snip's Dipper *S *B Sinai Thunder H Melchezidek *S +VV85 +*B Sinai Thunder ASH Hyssop Dip +*S VEE90
SGCH Olson Acres Voodoo Priestess 2*M/2*DAR EEEE91
CapraKoza Northern Lights 1*M/*D/*DD GCH Son Rise Ranch Twilight Thyme
M&G Farms Susannah

When we decided that, yes, we would be able to bring our goats home - a new home here in Florida - from Jill's at Sinai Thunder, we also decided to get a head start on breeding and asked Jill to breed them all to our buck she was also boarding.  Then, she would be able to rehome Throne up there, saving him a trip, and we would have instant babies after a long break!  Jill, already the most gracious person you'll ever meet, offered to breed Snips (aka Northern Lights) to a different buck - our choice.  WOW!  Deciding was agony but we finally landed on Mel.

When Snips went into labor, her last labor as we would retire her here, two gorgeous bucks shot out without any thought or trouble.  I sat there, waiting on that doe kid haha and it never came.  She had a blue eyed, flashy buck and then she had Dipper...plain old gold and (worse!), polled.  It's a long story and a simple personal bias, but I hate the polled gene.  The decision at the time was simple...Dipper would be sold, the brother kept.  God had other plans.  As he grew up, it turned out the brother had a fluke DQ fault.  He was wethered.  I cried...and Dipper stayed.  And God laughed.

As he's grown, Dipper has really grown on me!  He VERY much reminds me of his maternal half brother, Spit Fire (VG89.4).  I'm really looking forward to seeing what he produces.


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