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January 28, 2014

black with frosting

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We call this girl Black Mary - which is a somewhat long story but basically she reminded us, as a baby, of a baby lamb we cared for named Mary...and we already have a goat named Mary (who is white)...so there you go!

Mary was the lucky survivor of our second ever C section.  Her dam just didn't have a big enough pelvis (so small, in fact, I couldn't get my hand past her cervix) to deliver.  Her dam also survived the surgery, to be retired once she healed up.  We were all so amazed when a live DOE kid was delivered...amazed and blessed.  Needless to say, Mary grew up quite spoiled and much loved and we knew early on that it wouldn't matter how she matured.  She is a pet.

Genetics don't lie here though and didn't disappoint.  Mary has grown up to be all her breeding would promise.  She is a brick house of a doe, very sturdy, VERY correct.  Her udder is capacious, easy to milk and she's a very willing milker.  She is our idea doe.

She freshened beautifully and problem free with twins for her FF which was a worry after experiencing her dam's pelvis - which clearly was a fluke. 

Mary did not freshen again for two years.  In that period, we decided to retire from "the business" and take one year off breeding...which turned into moving away from Indiana, boarding the herd, and eventually making it to Central Florida.  Mary's second freshening was as a 4 year old!  She did a wonderful job and milked through until we have had to dry her off to prepare for her 3rd litter.

Mary's 3rd freshening udder is everything I would want from these bloodlines and more.  Unfortunately I haven't gotten a good picture of it as yet but I will attempt to!

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